Ken Burns: Jazz

Ken Burns: Jazz

Ken Burns: Jazz

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2001-01-08
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 10
  • iTunes Price: USD 39.99


The story, sound, and soul of a nation come together in the most American of art forms: Jazz. Ken Burns celebrates the music's soaring achievements, from its origins in blues and ragtime through swing, bebop, and fusion. Six years in the making, this "soundbreaking" series blends 75 interviews with major artists, such as Wynton Marsalis and Dave Brubeck, and critics; more than 500 pieces of music; 2,400 still photographs; and 2,000 rare and archival film clips including performances by Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and many more.


Title Time Price
1 Gumbo (Beginnings to 1917) 1:28:35 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
2 The Gift (1917 - 1924) 1:48:14 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Our Language (1924 - 1929) 1:52:14 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
4 The True Welcome (1929 - 1934) 2:01:06 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Swing: Pure Pleasure (1935 - 1937) 1:28:56 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Swing: The Velocity of Celebration (1937 1:43:42 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Dedicated to Chaos (1940 - 1945) 1:57:51 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Risk (1945 - 1955) 2:04:16 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
9 The Adventure (1955-1960) 1:53:52 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes
10 A Masterpiece By Midnight (1961 - PRESEN 1:50:29 USD 4.99 Buy on iTunes


  • Unforgetable & Riviting!

    By iTuner48
    I saw this series on television and will never forget it. The Jazz series is an important MUST SEE for everyone. It is an important series that documents, like few other films and videos I have seen, the despicable racism African American's had to endure in the early to mid twenthieth century. It shows how racism affected Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and so many other people. TRULY UNFORGETABLE!
  • Where is Civil War?

    By 88luke
    All of Ken Burns' work is awesome, but where is the Civil War series? That is his best stuff. I-Tunes has to put this out next.
  • Dad and Me

    By LearnBiology
    I have my soon-to-be 84 year-old father over for dinner and Jazz every Monday night. This has been very informative and entertaining. Different bands and music types bring back memories for him and I get a personalized commentary along with that of the video. I really like the technical detail added by Wynton Marsalis. The website is very handy as I can look up information as we watch and it adds greatly to the experience-and I can answer my father's questions. The series has been great, especially enhanced by watching it with someone who lived and loved the music.
  • Kens Burns Jazz tells the story

    By Catdaddy68
    Ken Burns Jazz gives a good account of the music and it's beginnings. I am a second generation drummer, grew up in a house with a father that played drums and partiipated in the Central Avenue scene. There was always a jam session or rehearsal going on. What Ken Burns has put on film is what I learned from my father and his friends about the music and the times. This hopefully will help to keep my grandson interested in continuing his double bass studies. To discuss this topic in a Music History classroom, there are not enough hours. I highly reccomend all young musicians to check it out. Thanks

    By jazzfreek
    This doc. is the history of jazz according to Wynton Marsalis and Stanley Crouch and has a severe New Orleans bias.It is as though jazz never exsisted in Detroit ,Chicago and L.A. This is also a nice biography of Louis Armstrong but for a true hisory of jazz you better look elsewhere.Also, the list of jazz artists missing or hardly mentioned would fill a who's who of jazz.Tread wih caution.
  • A wondeful addition to a video libary

    By Beingfreejust4me
    This is great and it makes me happy to own a IPOD when quality program, history is availible. The price isn't bad and you can basically buy the episodes (time periods) you want. Im getting a few and trust me I just want to support this because i recorded it off PBS when it first aired. But I want to send IPOD a message that their is a demographic that would enjoy this. Thank you Itunes!
  • This film is wonderful, put together well and extremely informative

    By Skitchparks
    I got to see this film in its entirety in 2002 when it aired on PBS and thoroughly takes the viewer from the beginnings of jazz to its current state. The price isn't bad either considering the DVD set costs over $120 in stores.
  • Giving Reviews for Something You Haven't Seen

    By Saeca
    I've seen this series a few times already and it's just funny to me how many in here gave reviews without actually seeing it yet. Now to the people reading this, would you go by the reviews of people who haven't seen this yet or the people who have? Read closely. Most of the people who have seen this usually gave it a good review. My review: BUY IT!
  • No Chapters!

    By journeyman1963
    I was planning on buying the complete series for use in my teaching my Jazz Appreciation class as the DVD takes forever to use in the classroom. BUT, there are no chapters in the iTunes version like there are on the DVD. It would have been great to have chapters so that people (esp. jazz educators) could jump from one to the other within the file. This COULD have been a great classroom resource! I agree with everything that has been said previously about the previews. This will not help sales of this fantastic series at all.
  • This is a GREAT series !!!

    By aphutch3
    If you like Ken Burns documentaries you will like and even may love this series. It give a "historical" perspective on Jazz from it's birth to where it is today. This a Jazz 101 series, it is about breadth not depth. (I agree with another commentor - you will know the importance of LOUIS ARMSTRONG - he is a pillar) It's too bad the previews do not give a better favor of what the series is like (it seems the low rated comments are more about the preview, than the series). I rented it from my local library - watched entire series in one "long" sitting. I liked it so much I am going to buy it from iTunes. As for Jazz jocks in this threads - it would be helpful for them to include some better DVD on Jazz (especially from the 50s and 60s) - this Ken Burn's Jazz series got me wanting more.